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Client Discovery

At the outset of each client relationship, our Family Wealth team engages in a valuable, risk-free and commitment-free discovery process to determine whether we can add value to your particular situation. This process can reveal and identify common wealth management problems such as:

  • Lack of a clearly defined investment strategy including specific goals and objectives, risk and return guidelines

  • Inappropriate asset allocation – assets not aligned with a clearly defined investment strategy

  • Numerous accounts, with lack of coordination and oversight

  • Portfolio withdrawals in excess of that which is sustainable

  • Asset and market sector concentrations, which may add unnecessary risk to your portfolio

  • Poorly diversified portfolios

  • Improperly titled accounts

  • Failure to consider tax aspects of investments

  • Excessive costs

After becoming an Ancora Family Wealth client, we will begin the systematic process of addressing identified shortcomings through the implementation of a robust lifetime planning process and an institutional quality investment management program. The result is a comprehensive wealth management solution that provides the ultimate in peace of mind for clients and their families.

For more information on Ancora's Family Wealth solutions please contact Rick Renner, President, Family Wealth, 216-839-5130.