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Investment Management


At Ancora, we believe every family’s investment needs are different. As a result, the investment management process starts with a thorough review of your complete financial picture, goals and risk profile. With this understanding, we work with you to implement an asset allocation and investment strategy tailored to your unique needs. Then we customize and manage a portfolio of investments that fits that strategy and the investment style you desire. Our professionals and staff work as a team, dedicated to providing the highest quality investment management available. As an SEC-regulated RIA (registered investment advisor), we serve our clients as a fiduciary, acting solely in their best interests.


  • Top-Down: We start with a top-down analysis to judge overall market risk versus return. Portfolios are structured based on our outlook for the market, economic conditions and our view of the absolute and relative attractiveness of each major asset class. We look for global investment themes and we seek to invest with “the wind at our back.”

  • Custom: Every portfolio is created and managed independently. Our independent research screening generates approximately 150 large companies that meet our quality criteria, and focuses on 30-40 well diversified individual stocks that are attractive today. We will often scale into positions.

  • Great Businesses Priced Right: We focus on high quality, financially strong, low debt, high cash flow businesses with proven and shareholder-friendly management. We like companies with a “wide moat” (high competitive advantages). The majority of the companies we invest in have a history of reliably increasing their dividends. We look to buy “great businesses” when they are attractively valued. We seek value in undervalued sectors and in temporarily out-of-favor companies.

  • Contrarian: We do not follow the crowd and often take a contrarian stance, looking to identify a catalyst that will stabilize the stock and drive total return in the years ahead. We typically buy when a stock is also strong technically, avoiding the classic value trap. We identify the “bubbles” of the day and stay clear of these trends.

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) & Mutual Funds: As a stand-alone portfolio of high quality ETFs or funds, or in conjunction with a core individual stock portfolio, we often diversify portfolios with ETFs and open and closed-end mutual funds that meet our strict investment criteria.


  • Fixed Income: We buy high quality individual bonds or mutual funds typically with maturities of ten years or less to provide current capital preservation and portfolio cash flow.

  • Strategic Income: To diversify, lower overall portfolio risk and enhance returns, we search for more credit sensitive, higher yielding income investments with opportunistic risk/reward characteristics. This portion of the portfolio is tactically allocated based on economic conditions and interest rates.


To diversify and lower overall portfolio risk and volatility, we may add alternative investments and hedging strategies to portfolios, as your individual investment strategy may dictate.


When managing portfolios, we strive to keep taxes to a minimum. We carry out many strategies to keep taxes as low as possible over the years.


We provide comprehensive, customized reporting on all of your family assets as well as complete performance reporting and monitoring.

For more information on Ancora's Family Wealth solutions please contact Rick Renner, President, Family Wealth, 216-839-5130.