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Lifetime Planning


At Ancora, we believe every family is different. No two families have the same circumstances, unique goals or the same risk profile. For this reason, our lifetime planning professionals provide an individualized approach to planning that works side-by-side with our customized investment management. We can help guide you through any financial issue that may arise in life. We work with you in whatever way you want, either addressing specific issues one-by-one as they arise or together developing a comprehensive financial plan addressing all relevant issues at once. The below chart depicts many of the client issues and concerns that are addressed during the planning process.


The Ancora lifetime planning process takes place in three parts:

  • Discovery & Goal-Setting Process
    • Establish family objectives
    • Review assets, liabilities, cash flow/income needs both current and future, insurance needs, estate planning and legal documentation
    • Social Security and additional pension benefits
  • Analysis & Recommendations
    • Develop specific strategies with the greatest probability of reaching your family’s financial goals
    • Conduct stress test to determine financial or other risks that may reduce likelihood of success
    • Develop alternative strategies to mitigate these risks
    • Give final recommendations
  • Implementation & Monitoring
    • Implement recommendations upon client becoming comfortable with the plan
    • Regular meetings for adjustments and to monitor the clients understanding of the plan and comfort level
    • Ongoing adjustments and enhancements
    • Updates to plan based on your unique life changes
At the conclusion of the planning process, you will have a clear picture of your family’s goals, how you will accomplish them and the risks you can expect along the way. 


The Ancora planning team consists of professionals with experience as certified public accountants, attorneys, certified financial planners®, holders of the Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation and credentialed insurance experts, each of whom brings his or her unique expertise to bear on your family’s situation.

For more information on Ancora's Family Wealth solutions please contact Rick Renner, President, Family Wealth, 216-839-5130.