Renie Walters

Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Investment Performance Measurement

Ms. Walters joined Ancora in 2007 and is responsible for compliance oversight of Ancora Retirement Plan Advisors, which includes oversight and regulatory reporting requirements for the RIA alongside internal compliance controls across the entire firm. Renie’s primary responsibilities include updating the RIA’s policies and procedures and monitoring adherence to them. Outside of Retirement Plan Advisors, Renie continues to maintain the firm’s Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) compliance program. Ms. Walters is responsible for calculating performance figures as well as constructing and maintaining GIPS compliant composites and the GIPS standards policies and procedures manual for Ancora. Additionally, Renie calculates Ancora’s mutual fund performance and prepares supporting documentation for the Ancora Mutual Fund Board. She also provides oversight for Ancora’s communications and marketing efforts, including due diligence questionnaire and request for proposal responses. 

Renie has many years of experience working in compliance with an extensive background in the investment industry. Prior to joining Ancora, she was the project leader for the GIPS compliance and verification program at a local asset management firm. Additional responsibilities included assisting with portfolio management and monitoring asset allocations and trading. Renie held the position of Marketing Coordinator at Shaker Investments where she assisted in the updates of technical marketing reports and also facilitated the roll out of new marketing material. At a hedge fund re-start from Shaker Investments, Ms. Walters worked in investor relations and handled marketing material updates. She has worked as a Marketing Associate at Alliance Capital Management, LP and a Financial Associate at A.G. Edwards and Sons, Inc. Renie received her post-secondary education from Kent State University and Malone University.

GIPS® is a registered trademark owned by CFA Institute.

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