Irving Katz

Senior Vice President, Information Systems Manager

Mr. Katz has been providing full-time consulting services to Ancora since 2005 and joined the firm as an  employee in 2018. Irv has been managing the firm’s information systems through numerous changes and upgrades. His primary responsibilities include caring for all of Ancora’s information technology assets, managing relationships with technology vendors and working with employees to help them achieve their productivity objectives. Irv guides Ancora’s decision-making with regards to technology, represents the firm’s information systems to prospective clients and regulators, and manages the firm’s cybersecurity and business continuity incident response programs.

Irv earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. In 2008, Irv was named “Best IT Guy” in Northeast Ohio by Cleveland’s Inside Business Magazine.

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