Ancora Announces Corporate Sponsorship of The Foundry


Cleveland Foundry Rowing
Image courtesy of The Foundry

Ancora is thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Foundry, Cleveland’s Community Rowing and Sailing Center. The Foundry’s rustic yet elegant campus on the Cuyahoga River in The Flats is home base to a number of local high school rowing teams with a campus of indoor rowing and training facilities and outdoor docks with direct access to the river.

Alongside the school teams, The Foundry also organizes programming and coaching for a number of community teams made up of Cleveland youth that may not otherwise have access to this very high barriers-to-entry sport. This is where Ancora’s support comes in to cover the expenses for a number of slots on the community teams. Students not only learn the very regimented team sport of rowing, but are also exposed to the history of Cleveland’s waterways, ecology education and overall wellness practices.

Beyond organized rowing, The Foundry’s campus also includes a number of modern meeting and event spaces along with public workout facilities and classes, of which all proceeds support student programming. Ancora is proud to support the missions of The Foundry while providing opportunities to our Cleveland youth. We invite you to visit The Foundry’s website and join us in our support.

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